About Meyer Morgan Farms

Meyer Morgan Farms operates a livestock farming business producing beef, lamb and fine wool in the Adelaide district of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. It is joint venture business between the Meyer and Morgan families who have lived side by side as neighbours for more than 100 years. The business operates more than 6,300 hectares of owned land and 2,000 hectares of leased land (total in excess of 20,000 acres). Farms operated include the properties of Glendenning, Whytebank, Linton, Jericho, Springvale, Oliphantsbosch and Rockville.

Our core values are as follows:

Veld Conservation
We will always attempt to achieve a stocking rate which is sustainable between veld and animal production - a balance between acceptable animal production and maximizing production per hectare. We expect fluctuations in rainfall and will plan measures to counter dry periods. We want to leave the veld, stock and infrastructure in top shape for the next generation.

We believe labour is key in terms of employing the right people in areas where they excel and have the motivation to concentrate on the areas that are key to optimum production. We will give employees the opportunity to uplift themselves, to improve living standards, recognise them for their effort and encourage them to develop a sense of pride in their work.

As owners we have significant skills to manage the strategy, operations and financial aspect of the business. We need to leverage this as we grow and be able to bring employees to supervise and manage aspects of the business.

We agree that input costs need to be kept to a minimum, but that will not prevent intensification of certain enterprises which will result in higher profitability. We will keep an open mind on all new ideas in order to be innovative and be seen as leaders in the livestock business. Having meticulous recordkeeping will allow us to make meaningful decisions on profitability.

We believe in having top quality livestock and we will achieve this by applying rigorous selection pressure on replacement bulls and rams for the qualities such as growth rates and wool quality and fineness. Fertility and hardiness will be achieved by culling any females that do not conceive.
Risk Management

We will always be aware of the risk we are taking and will never allow ourselves to be backed into a corner. We will always ensure we have available cash, spared veld, spared fodder and spare time. If we use debt it will be for specific investments which will have a return on investment higher than the cost of the debt.

Pride and Satisfaction
We recognize that the most success will come though being fulfilled in our endeavours. Having fun and being proud of our enterprise is most important.

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